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Pantelis Boumbouras

President & founder
Gefest, Ukraine
Pantelis Boumbouras was born in 1955 in the N. Aegean island of Limnos. An electrical engineer by profession, he started with a medium size electrical installation works company in Athens. In 1977 he established his own construction company Gefest, in Odessa, Ukraine, which at present is one of the biggest construction companies in Ukraine, with performed constructions of 650.000 square meters and unperformed 1.000.000 square meters.

In 2016 he founded the Boumbouras Foundation, a nonprofit organisation based in Odessa, Ukraine. The Foundation honors the vision of Pantelis Boumbouras as an international business leader in construction and commerce, to serve the public good by promoting philanthropy and social welfare, training, sports, culture, art and science, bilateral and multilateral relations of countries, focusing mainly on Greece and Ukraine – homes of its founder. The Boumbouras Foundation functions as a bridging factor between the two countries, honoring both of them within the context of a global society.

In recognition for his services to their societies, the Greek and Ukrainian states have honored Pantelis Boumbouras with a number of awards and distinctions, among which:
▪ Medal of honor by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, for his financial support to the military hospitals during the 
  recent civil war in Ukraine, caused by external forces that pursue the country’s destruction (2016)
▪ Medal of honor from Odessa Media Union and the Odessa Diplomatic Association (2016)
▪ Medal awards from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
▪ Honorary diplomatic counselor of Greece for the district of Crimea (2012)
▪ Twice awarded by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for his contribution to promoting Greece abroad (2016)
▪ Appointed by the Greek State as president of the Greek Cultural Center in Odessa (2015)
▪ Mr Pantelis Boumbouras is the president of the Greek-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

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