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2019 has marked the beginning of a new political period for Europe. The May elections gave us a new European Parliament and new presidents in both the European Commission and the European Central Bank are due to assume office. Meanwhile, the complications of the Brexit process, the protectionist policies of Trump’s America, as well as the threat of a new recession are some of the challenges that Europe has to tackle.

● Will the EU manage to promote a positive agenda on issues such as sustainable growth, social cohesion and energy security?

At the same time, the energy discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean and the strengthening ties between Cyprus, Greece and Israel create an important potential for the region, which could evolve as a significant energy and business hub.

● What should be expected in the coming period with regards to the EastMed’s hydrocarbons?

Within this context, we have the pleasure of announcing the organisation of The Economist’s Second Eastmed-London Investment Summit entitled “Cyprus-Greece-Israel: Propelling a partnership for growth”, which is scheduled to take place on December 3rd 2019 at the London Stock Exchange.
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