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The global economy was already on a slowdown when the COVID-19 outbreak appeared, leading the world to one of the most serious pandemic diseases during the last 100 years.

A health crisis translates to an economic crisis and the scenario of a deep recession comes to the fore. Within this environment, Europe is once again called upon to prove that it can effectively manage one more crisis, being solidary and united.
Will Europe succeed? The Economist Events, being in search of the priorities, as well as of the appropriate economic policy tools that will keep the euro strong and stable against the new coronavirus crisis and its implications, have the pleasure in announcing the organisation of a digital event entitled EURO ZONE’S QUEST FOR A CORONAVIRUS “VACCINE”.

The world economy in the vortex of recession –again: Examining the best-case and the worst-case scenario
Euro zone’s cohesion and the parameter of solidarity: The bet on a common European response and the idea of Eurobond
Banks and NPLs: borrowers diagnosed with Covid-19

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